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Sample Programmes

The Campbell Duo

Music Through the Centuries -

Music for Guitar & Flute

A programme of varied repertoire starting with early music right through to South American music . The programme opens in the Renaissance era, works onwards to Baroque, then moves towards impressionism with the warm and sensual sounds of flute and guitar, finally concluding in modern times with the rhythms of Latin America. 


Classics from around the World –

Exciting repertoire performed on Flute & Guitar

An all encompassing  world tour starting with music from the English courts to sensuous French music inspired by the temple of Knossos. Experience the excitement of a sabre dance from Russia, travel to Japan for an evocation of the sea featuring the alto flute, then end with an exciting finale from Spain 



      Through the Centuries  -
      music for Guitar & Flute
      My Lord Willoughby His Welcome Home                     Dowland
      Lachrymae Antiquae
      Galliard to Lachrymae
      Ciaccona                                                                         Pachelbel
      Sonata in F Major Op.1 no.11                                           Handel
      - Larghetto
      - Allegro
      - Siciliana
      - Gigue
      Trio no. 1                                                                             Haydn
                    - Allegro Moderato                           (arr. H. Campbell)
                    - Andante
                    - Vivace
      Gymnopedie no.1                                                                Satie
      Gnossienne no. 2
      Three pieces from Romeo & Juliet                              Prokofiev
                    - Scene (The Street Awakens)          (arr. H. Campbell)
                    - Juliet - The Little Girl
                    - The Montagues & The Capulets
      Verano Porteño                                                               Piazzola
      Classics from Around the World  -
      exciting repertoire performed on Flute & Guitar
      The Flatt Pavan                                                  John Johnson
      The Galliard to the Flatt Pavan                         John Johnson
      Sonata BWV 528                                                               Bach
      Gnossienne no.1                                                                Satie
      Toward the Sea                                                         Takemitsu
                  - The Night
                  - Cape Cod
                  - Moby Dick
      Three pieces from Gayane                                Khatchaturian
                  - Sabre Dance
                  - Lullaby
                  - Dance of the Rose Maidens                                                      
      Four Hungarian Folk Songs                                          Seiber
      Danzas Gitanas op.55                                                     Turina
                  - Zambra
                  - Danza de la Seduccion
                   - Danza Ritual
                  - Generalife
                  - Sacro-Monte

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